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How To Earn Quality Guest Post Backlinks

. Set up insightful linkable assets on your website

Before you even embark on the guest blogging campaign, you need to build a firm foundation for your link building strategy. This is where you piece together all the assets that you’ll be linking to from the guest posts.

Now, by “linkable assets” we mean solid pieces of content that are insightful and authoritative enough to position your website as a reputable industry leader. In other words, you need the type of stuff that’ll not only draw traffic to your own blog, but also compel the visitors to share the exclusive content within their circles.

Well, you could start by researching the biggest trending topics in your space. Try to find out what your target audience is searching for, the content pieces that they’re sharing with their peers, as well as the most controversial subjects that are increasingly eliciting debate.

One tool that could help you with that is SEMrush, an all-in-one SEO research toolkit. You can count on it for keyword research, organic traffic analytics, plus data-backed content suggestions.


Topic research on SEMrush.

That said, the best forms of linkable assets are multimedia content pieces that provide deep insights through text and visuals.

Consider, for instance, pairing your pillar pages with relevant images and videos. Articles with images have been shown to generate 94% more views than posts without visuals. What’s more, video content is bound to increase your chances of driving organic traffic by 50%, as opposed to plain text.

Other than that, remember to create appropriate headlines for your assets.

Try to be as specific as possible, and don’t hesitate to stretch out the headline characters if need be. Besides, it turns out that long headlines (with 14 -17 words) attract 76.7% more social media shares than short headlines.

Also, it turns out that structuring the headline as a question – complete with a question mark – could increase the social sharing odds by 23.3%.

#2. Find guest posting opportunities

On setting up the appropriate link building assets, comes the challenging task of finding guest posting opportunities.

The web today hosts more than 600 million blogs, with the likes of WordPress now accounting for over 70 million new posts per month. From this extensive array, you’re supposed to identify the most relevant websites for building quality guest post backlinks.

Thankfully, there are various methods that you could use to identify such guest blogging opportunities:

  • Search across Google – You could start by running a Google search for high authority websites in your field that would be open to publishing a guest article.

To simplify the search process, you might want to use Google search operators that combine your keyword along with common guest blogging outreach phrases such as “write for us”, “contribute as a guest blogger”, “guest post guidelines”, etc.

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